Busy Try These 6 Hacks to Squeeze in a Quick Workout

When you think about it, 24 hours sounds like a lot of time; but when you lead a hectic lifestyle, exercise can become more of a burden. Try these hacks and see it become more of an activity worth looking forward to:

Start Your Day Right

Some studies suggest that the way you spend the first few minutes within waking pretty much sets you up for the entire day. Instead of grumbling and wishing you could spend more time in bed (sleep is crucial; we’ll dive into this later), why not kickstart your morning with a quick workout?

Let’s say you need to be at the office by 8 in the morning, and you wake up roughly around 6 A.M. If this is your usual schedule, try this simple 15-minute workout involving:

  • Squats
  • Run in place or jumping jacks
  • Push-ups (or a variation of; make use of the kitchen counter, wall, or the stairs)
  • Different stretches or yoga poses

Now it depends on you how many of these exercises you can do. For example, go for 20 squats, 30 seconds of running in place, 15 push-ups, and then at least 5 stretches for your first session. See where it goes and if it gets your heart beating. Change it up the next time you try again.

You are free to add or change with whatever exercise you see fit. The point here is to begin your day on the right foot.

Add Movement Whenever (and Wherever) Possible

On your commute to work, why not get off halfway there and walk for the rest of the trip? Or you can do it the other way around – after a stressful day at work, walk on your way home. During your lunch break why not do a HIIT workout before chomping down on your healthy meal. Strap on some ankle weights at work to challenge your body a bit more whenever you move around. Stand up from time to time from your desk and do a quick round around your floor. Make sure to get your blood circulating again to prevent varicose veins and unsightly cellulite from appearing.

When you think about the minutes you spend waiting for the subway or for someone to someone to answer your call, these are moments you could have easily squeezed in a quick workout instead of dallying on your smartphone. Jog or jump in place, stretch, or do squats the next time you find yourself having idle time. People might think you look crazy, but really, who cares?

Working Meeting

No, we’re not talking about meeting with the team and working simultaneously inside the conference room.

The next time you have an opportunity to meet with your team or a client, take the discussion outdoors and have a walking meeting. Head to the nearest park and discuss ideas or an upcoming project with coworkers while you all work out a sweat.

The change of scenery and pace will do wonders.

Preparation is Key

A busy person always makes plans, so why not plan a workout? Set aside specific times and days where exercise has your undivided attention. Incorporating your exercise into your hectic lifestyle might sound counterintuitive at first (I’m busy as it is! I don’t have time to go to the gym!) but trust us when we say that your body will thank you later.

To get things going make sure to choose the best gym for you. Prepare your gear the night before and leave your gym bag by the door so you’re reminded of what’s to come later in the day. Set some reminders on your phone and mentally focus on your upcoming workout. Try to visualise yourself sweating it out on the treadmill. The mind is a such a powerful tool.

Speaking of the mind…

It’s All in Your Head

One of the main key factors why people can’t seem to get their butts off the ground is because of their mentality towards working out. Exercise = hard work, sweat, and being tiresome. This common albeit poor idea of a workout is what prevents most from getting healthy and fit.

Set the gears in motion by changing the way you think about exercise. Instead of thinking of it as “work”, relate exercise to health and wellness. Imagine the benefits you would be reaping from just a few sessions of working out, which includes (but not limited to) the following:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved cognitive process
  • Increased libido

When you think of the benefits, a fitting metaphor would be the light at the end of tunnel, or the apex of a tall mountain. Both need hard work, constant effort, and perseverance to be able to be reached.

Exercise isn’t as simple as showing up at the gym; it’s much more than that. It needs your full commitment, which is understandably difficult at times. After all, working out isn’t your only priority (if it is, then it could pose a problem). When you feel the struggle, keep in mind that it’s all in your head and once you weather through it, you’ll look back and say, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad after all!”

Maximise Gym Time

Make every single minute count by maximising your time at any Rec Xpress location. For example, focus on exercise that makes you feel good. Do it, and do it often.

There are less-than-30-minutes gym workouts that you can try if you really don’t have the time.  Just be sure to challenge yourself by adding leg and arm weights.

It might be tempting to stay glued to your phone while hitting the treadmill but as much as possible, don’t. Your mind would be divided at this point and you wouldn’t be putting in as much as work and effort as you would if your whole attention was just on the task at hand. Keep your phone in the locker and just enjoy your “me” time at the gym.

As a matter of fact….

Make each gym trip enjoyable by thinking of it as a way to relax and unwind. Disconnect from the outside world and just focus solely on yourself. Think of your muscles contracting, zero in on your breathing, and really feel your heart pumping after each set. By the end of a session you’ll feel remarkably recharged.

Rec Xpress: Your Fitness Partner

We know that exercise can be a bit of a hassle especially when your life is as busy as it is, but let’s not forget how physical activity can be beneficial to everyone.

Drop by any of our six locations and take a look into how we can be your partner in fitness. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our friendly staff and personal coaches are available to help you get your health back on track. Enjoy our affordable membership when you sign up now.

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