Four Reasons You Should Be Exercising Regularly

Having access to a facility that is dedicated to helping you get stronger and fitter is a great way to start a healthier and happier lifestyle. But with so many gyms out there, you might be wondering how to choose the best one for you?

The good news is that you can stay fit without spending an insane amount of money. Gyms and fitness options are available at many different price points, and it’s possible to pay as little as $11 per week for a gym membership which is what we charge at Rec Xpress.

How Much Are Aussies Spending On Gyms?

We’ve collated information from health club members to find out how much they spend on average at the gym, and here are the answers:

Australians spend an average of $780 per year on keeping fit, which is roughly $65 per month. Gym-goers in South Australia and Queensland pay the least on gym memberships at $57, while New South Wales residents spend the most at $69 per month.

Those aged 60 and above spend lower on fitness at only $62 compared with adults in their 30s who have the highest gym cost at $70 per month.

We compared several gym chains around Australia, each one having their own unique offerings like Pilates and yoga, 24 hours operation, group training sessions and private 1 on 1 sessions. The cost of membership ranges from $13.95 per week to around $34 per week. There is also a joining fee that starts from free to $59, and can reach as high as $199.

A survey by consumer review company Canstar Blue found that 57% of fitness club members have tried more than one fitness center to find one that suits their personal training goals. The survey also found that although 74% of survey respondents stated that their membership to a fitness club has helped them achieve their fitness goals (whether it is muscle gain, weight loss, or improved endurance), 52% of gym-goers do not use the gym as much as they initially intended when they took out the membership.

Why a lot of gym memberships go unused

Despite many of us paying an upfront fee for a one year membership to the gym, not everyone is able to make the most out of their membership, either because you fail to attend classes often, or because you just decide to quit altogether before the agreement expires.

According to the research by Canstar Blue, one of the biggest barriers to following through a gym routine is the members’ lack of spare time. They buy a gym membership thinking they have time to regularly attend, but soon realize that they don’t.

Another reason why members quit their gym is the high cost of the membership. If you have ever enrolled in a fitness center with the willingness to spend on the membership, but soon found that the price is not justified, then it should be clear why so many members quit their local fitness club.

Here are the other things that push gym-goers to call it quits with their gym:

  • Queuing to use equipment because of overcrowding
  • Poorly-maintained gym equipment
  • Untidy and sweaty environment
  • Bad employee attitudes
  • Dirty shower facilities

Finding a gym that is worth your money

As we have seen in the statistics above, gym memberships rarely come cheap. So before you enroll in a local facility, you want to make sure that you are picking the best one based on a number of important factors:

Choose the location wisely

Convenience is an important factor that will determine the frequency of your visit to the gym, so if you choose one that is out of way from your home, then you are only giving yourself reasons why not to go.

Ideally, you should pick a gym that is easy to reach from your home or work. This helps avoid the “it’s too far” excuse, so you are more likely to go on a consistent basis and to stick to your fitness routine.

At Rec Xpress, we have 5 great locations which gives our members a choice. In most cases they choose their local Gym but occasionally it can provide convenience for those who travel around Melbourne.

Have a tour of the place

A drive by to a potential gym is not enough to get a feel of the atmosphere of the place. Schedule a visit to the gym, and look around to see whether it’s comfortable and spacious, and whether the equipment and machines are well-maintained.

If you are planning to attend afternoon classes in that facility, check the clientele around that time to see if there are queues for the machines, and if the gym is too crowded for your liking. It’s also a good idea to check customer reviews online, and to talk with other members of the gym about what they like and dislike about the facility.

Contract or no contract

Ever heard of horror stories from gym-goers who are locked into a long-term contract with a gym that is difficult to get out of?

Gyms are infamous for fixed-term contracts that require members to continue paying the entirety of the contract when the agreement is cancelled early. We know you would not want to walk out of the gym feeling robbed, and not any healthier or slimmer, so our advice is to take the time to understand the content of the contract before signing it.

Also, do not be afraid to ask if the agreement is renewed automatically after the end of the contract term. Ceasing your monthly payments before the expiration of the contract is not enough to break the agreement, so you still can’t get away without any consequences. However, state regulations allow you to easily break this binding contract in certain circumstances including long-term illness, disability, and military service.

Why Rec Xpress Matters

If you’re not keen on signing a contract for fear of penalties, one great option is to take out a membership in a no-contract gym like Rec Xpress. You can use the latest exercise equipment, and train inside a welcoming environment without worrying about any long-term commitment.

At $11 per week with no joining fee, we provide one of the best value gym memberships in the country. In addition, you are free to access our current and future locations, so you can have an easier time scheduling your workout sessions on a regular basis.

We also offer a two week free trial for customers who choose to sign up online.

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