Anthony became a qualified Personal Trainer in 2009. Initially working as a PT in big box clubs, he moved onto smaller independent gyms to expand his knowledge in performance training and nutrition.

As a trainer, Anthony has a passion for movement, strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation. It’s these passions that see him regularly explore new training techniques that test his knowledge and deliver results for his clients. Anthony is continually expanding his skills and more recently Anthony commenced a Yoga instructor course.

Personally, Anthony enjoys music, dancing and deep conversations with good friends. Anthony joined Rec Xpress in 2019.


• Certificate III & IV in Fitness
• Poliquin Biosignature
• Paul Chek Holistic Life Coach
• Recomp Certified
• ISSN Sports Nutrition


• Strength & Conditioning
• Mindset & Resistance Coaching
• Body Composition/Hypertrophy
• Movement & Alignment
• Injury Rehabilitation