Marina has worked in the fitness industry for the past 11 years. She lives and breathes fitness with a strong passion to help people achieve better health through exercise & nutrition.

Marina’s method utilises a completely unique and fun approach (don’t expect using only traditional gym equipment/exercises).

She believes personal training is just one part of the jigsaw for your health and well-being, so her aim is to guide clients towards optimal health through education in all aspects of healthy living and this integrated approach achieves amazing results.


• Cert III & IV in Fitness
• Bachelor of Business (Sport Management, Marketing & HR)
• Exercise Psychology (Mental Health & Wellbeing/Nutrition)
• EMT & Functional Training
• Ante Natal Core Training & programming
• Advanced Post Natal Core training & programming
• Advanced rehabilitation & Injury prevention
• Trigger Point MCT (Flexibility anatomy, physiology & Biomechanics)


• Weight loss, Core & Flexibility
• Pre-Postnatal
• Rehabilitation & Injury prevention
• Strength & Conditioning
• Sport specific

Marina will help you achieve your goals, increase your energy level, burn fat, build strength and improve your core/posture. All of which will ultimately help slow down ageing, improve the functioning of your brain, decrease stress and reduce the risk of chronic disease.