Hello everyone, my name is Pon. I’ve personally been training in the gym since 2010. I started with the goal to improve the way my body looked and along the way realised exercise has so many other health benefits; such as increased energy and improvement in your mental wellbeing. I believe exercise should be an enjoyable journey. When you first begin there may be a few hurdles – but fear not! Once you get over them, you’ll want to challenge yourself more and more until you reach a limit you wish to maintain. The great thing is, fitness is for everyone. Everyone is different and everyone has a different goal to achieve. Exercise improves our quality of life and I believe that is the most important aspect. I want everyone to be happy, love their body and feel good about themselves. I believe everyone is great and I would be delighted to be a friend cheering you on from the sidelines!


• Cert III & IV in Fitness
• CPR & First Aid


• Weight Loss
• Strength & Conditioning
• Cardio Improvement
• Core & Endurance