Hi and welcome, I’m Trainer Sebastian and I have been a personal trainer since 2004.

It’s my quest to expose you to the best the fitness industry has to offer. Variety and learning new skills is the key for me.


• Certificate III & IV in Fitness
• Certificate Relaxation Massage
• Executive Member of International Institute of Complimentary Therapists


• Boxing for Fitness
• Strength & Endurance Training
• Dynamic Core Training
• Dynamic Stretching
• Posture & Muscle Balance

I’m the Trainer who makes exercise easy to understand.

I’m the Trainer who gets you lighter, less achy & more zesty!

In the first few sessions, we’ll focus on using great technique and select the right exercises that will keep you strong and upright. It will be a steep learning curve, and we’ll work together to ensure you’re feeling confident and have a continued sense of motivation.

In working with me you can absolutely expect to become stronger, leaner, more flexible, have better balance, and obtain an unbelievably fast metabolism. Your energy level and sense of well-being will skyrocket, I guarantee it!

Together using style and substance we’ll get you rocking again!

I’m excited to meet you and get you started on a path towards a healthier you!