Shelly believes that everyone deserves to feel good in their own body while understanding the road to getting there looks different for everyone!

Shelly’s training approach is to get you moving well and feeling good both physically and mentally while working together to track towards your fitness goals. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, increase your flexibility, or just stay active; Shelly will help you achieve your goals in a healthy and balanced way.

Health and wellbeing have been a strong focus throughout Shelly’s life. But, after working in different industries, living and travelling in different countries, Shelly realised her pursuit to live a healthy life remains her focus.

In 2020 Shelly completed her qualifications and conducted small group training in Sydney to continue building her knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and correct form, before transitioning into personal training.

Now living in Melbourne, Shelly joined the Rex Xpress fam in 2021. If you’re interested to know how she can help you, come say hi or reach out on the details below.


• Cert III & IV in Fitness
• CPR & First Aid


• Strength & Conditioning
• Weight Loss
• Stretching & Flexibility