Rec Xpress Recipe: Healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls

There’s nothing better than our Healthy Chocolate Bliss balls – easy to make and a super healthy snack!

Whip these chocolate bliss balls up in less than 10 minutes! They’re high in protein, good fats and are vegan and gluten free.

Great for the lunch box or a post/pre workout snack! Make these ahead of time, they freeze well too!


•    2 cups pitted dates (soaked over night)
•    2 cup roasted almonds
•    1 cup walnuts
•    1/3 cup cacao
•    1 cup desiccated coconut


1.    Place nuts in food processer then add dates (with all water removed). Process again, then add the coconut and cacao.
2.    Roll into bite sized balls and roll in coconut
3.    Store in the fridge for one week or if you store in the freezer they’ll keep for a few months!

Calories between 60-100 depending how large you roll them!