Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Starting your workout routine can be pretty exciting. You have a room full of gym machines and other equipment that deciding which to use can be overwhelming.

No two fitness machines are the same; each one targets a specific muscle group and in different ways.

The beauty of gym machines is that you don’t assistance; a spotter doesn’t have to be by your side to assist you during your last few reps. Also, gym machines are pretty good at isolating muscles you normally wouldn’t get to activate when you do free weights.

Here are some gym machines, readily available at our 5 locations, that will help you build those muscles:


Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Chest Press Machine

Working out your pecs should be a breeze whenever you use the chest press machine. Aside from working out your chest, your triceps and deltoids are also targeted. Chest press machine exercises help alleviate shoulder problems. Without a spotter nearby, you don’t have to worry about dropping weights. You are free to push yourself to the limit with thus gym machine.

To do effective chest presses, align the seat so that the bar is situated mid-pecs. A set of eight to twelve reps and you should already feel the burn. You can move to free weights bench press if your pecs still feel fresh (though you will need a spotter for this one).

Bench Press Machine

A staple in most gyms, the bench press machine is probably one of the first gym equipment you handled when you started working out. The movements you do is an awesome chest builder; with each set you’re free to add weight to challenge yourself even further.

Do a set of twelve reps at the bench press machine to activate those pecs.

Pec Dec Machine

When you’re done with the bench press or chest press machine, working out at the pec dec machine will help your chest region gain muscle faster. It targets the inner chest, helping it look more defined in the process. While this is really debatable as there are no specific set of movements that workout this area, some gym goers swear by it.

To get variations out of this machine, you can try to use it one arm at a time. You can also adjust the seat’s height to help you target different regions of your pectorals.

You can also try these other amazing chest exercises to work that chest out.


Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Seated Machine Row

If you aim to have a bigger, wider back, then the seated machine is your best choice at the gym. It’s such an effective back builder and back fat eraser that people tend to make the mistake of adding more weight than they can handle just so they can achieve that “muscle-y” look in no time.

Try using a wide or narrow grip to help you discover which part of your back is being targeted.

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldowns, when done correctly, can help widen your back. This is what makes the machine a bit of a mix bag to gym goers – it only works when you have the right form.

Avoid the mistake of adding too much weight; instead of your back that is being targeted, your body compensates and ends up using your shoulders and biceps. Leaning at a 45 degree angle should give your laterals a good workout.



Machine Shoulder Press

By maintaining constant tension on your shoulders, the machine shoulder press is an excellent machine to build muscle in that area. It targets your upper pecs, deltoids, and triceps. For a good shoulder workout using the machine shoulder press, adjust the seat so that it rests just a bit below your range of motion. Make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Slowly lift the weight. Each set may contain eight to twelve reps.


Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Leg Press

Tired of doing squats? The leg press is a great alternative to building leg muscle and strength. Your quads will start feeling the burn once you’ve got the movement going. While this machine cannot take the place of a traditional squat, it can make for a good addition to days dedicated to working out those legs.

It can be tempting to load up the machine with plates but don’t be a fool and make the mistake of doing such; you will only waste your time. Instead, focus on the correct form which can easily make this exercise (or any exercise for that matter), a walk in the park.

They these other exercises for leg day!

Biceps and Triceps

Best Gym Machines for Building Muscle

Preacher Curl Machine

Biceps isolation is this machine’s claim to fame. Using your run-of-the-mill dumbbells just won’t cut it. As you rest your arms on the pads, your movements focus on the biceps alone. Squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement sends extra blood and lactic acid to your muscles.

Dips Machine

The biceps usually get front and center whenever we talk about arms, but the triceps make up the bulk of arm’s overall look. The dips machine helps isolate this muscle group.

To give your triceps that much needed attention, sit down facing out and place your feet firmly on the ground. The handles should be just below your armpits; adjust your seat if you find it to be higher or lower. Bend your arms to a 90-degree angle when you grip the handle. Press the handle down and squeeze your triceps before letting the handles go back up again.

All at Your Service

Gym machines were invented to target specific muscle groups at a time, allowing you to get a toned body in time. To make it work its magic, gym machines shouldn’t be used just solely on its own. When it is incorporated into a fitness regimen that also includes cardio and strength training, you are most likely to get more out of these machines than you ever could.

Don’t forget that a healthy diet should also be seriously considered. Your muscles should be fed food that help repair and build it after a day’s work at the gym.

Come to our 6 locations and check out the different gym machines. We have all sorts of equipment that suit almost every fitness need. Our awesome team of trainers are available to help you with your form so you get the most out of your workout.

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