I’m guilty of dragging myself to the gym every now and then.

Some days I feel like I can spend the whole day there (which isn’t necessary; read why here), but other days… boy, oh, boy I wish I could just stay on the couch and watch Netflix.

How can I be an inspiration to myself when I can’t even get my two feet out of the damn door?

Mind Matters

The mind is a very powerful tool. It can dictate your mood, your decision, almost everything that happens around you can be influenced by what’s going on inside your brain.

It’s important to note that having the right mindset will help you make informed and better decisions about motivation and spending time at the gym. So when your lazy bones start kicking in, try these simple mind tricks:


Simple enough piece of advice, but it’s a huge deal.

Enjoying your time at the gym lets your mind associate it with pleasant feelings, regardless of how lazy you feel at a given time. When our minds connect a positive emotion to a place or a thing, we feel euphoric and we crave to feel that emotion again.

Dress the Part

Nothing convinces your mind better than visual cues. Looking at yourself all dressed up in workout clothes will motivate you to hit that treadmill pronto. Invest in brands that specialises in workout gear. You’re in this for the long run, might as well look good doing it.

Eyes on the Prize

You’ve heard about visualising yourself meeting your goals as a great motivator. There’s nothing wrong with this but let’s stick to the theme of using visual cues. Make a visual board of your fitness goals and place it where you’ll most likely see it on a daily basis, like the bathroom.

This is also a great excuse to be creative. Get some old magazines to cut out and set aside one afternoon to make your visual board. You’ll feel like a school kid again but hey, anything to keep you from quitting is a winner in my book.

Be Realistic

Setting lofty goals for yourself will only lead to disaster. Be realistic with your fitness and weight goals. Aiming for a body like Rocky or getting as lean as a seasoned marathoner may not only be unrealistic, but also unhealthy. You’ll find yourself pushing too hard, doing exercises you shouldn’t do and following a strict diet that might hamper your success. Once you realise that your goal is unattainable, you’ll be so disappointed that you might swear the gym off for good.

Get a Trainer

A personal trainer isn’t just someone who is knowledgeable about exercises and workouts. They give you pep talks and help build a routine that will be a match to your lifestyle and goals. Getting one might cost you extra cash but it will be worth it.

How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym: 8 Tips to Try

Track your Progress

Have a log or diary about your fitness routine. Log in minutes, reps, sets, measurements, even your food intake. I can never stress enough how a visual cue is such a great motivator. Seeing your progress in black and white will motivate you to continue pushing. Take advantage of apps that have this feature. When you see that you ran half a mile longer than you did last week, you’ll most likely want to outperform yourself next time.

Be Consistent, Set a Schedule

Some people thrive on consistency and predictability, such as myself. For example, when Tuesday comes rolling around the corner, I know that it’s Leg Day. Setting some expectations, albeit simple ones, will help you be more physically active.

Change is Good

Mixing things up might be more of your thing, so why not enroll yourself to that Yoga class or focus on another body part next time you hit the gym? Changing your routine will bring different results and will keep you interested in the new activity. There’s always your usual go-to fitness routine when things don’t work out (pun intended).

Staying Mentally Tough

It can be tough to go to the gym regularly. Life happens, and there are other factors that might influence you to skip the gym, but staying mentally tough when you feel the least motivated is the secret to achieving your fitness goals.

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