Rec Xpress Recipe: Choc Banana Split Protein Oats

The most inviting bowl of oats you may ever come across, our Choc Banana Split Protein Oats recipe is filled with wholesome ingredients that will leave your body feeling nourished!


•   40gm Quick Oats
•   ¾ Hot Milk (Any type of you like)
•   1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
•   1 Scoop Max/Maxines Chocolate Protein Powder
•   1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
•   1 Small Banana
•   1 Tablespoon Natvia no added sugar caramel topping
•   ¼ Cup Noshu Sugar Free Choc Melts

Extra Peanuts to serve


1.  Place quick oats in a bowl and cover with hot milk, then stir.

2.  Add Vanilla Essence, stir. Then allow to sit for a 2 mins.

3.  Now the oat mixture has cooled a little add in the protein of your choice, mix well.

4.  Cut up banana and place on top of the protein mixture

5.  Sprinkle the choc melts on top, caramel topping and add extra peanuts if desired