There are a multitude of reasons as to why a personal trainer might just be the key you need to move forward in your fitness journey.

Like a well-rounded spirit guide, a personal trainer can offer advice, create training plans, help you achieve your fitness goals – and hey, they might end up being one of your closest mates.

In this article, we’ve put together ten significant reasons outlining the benefits of hiring a personal trainer, so if working with a PT is something you’ve thought about, keep reading – we might just have you convinced by the time you finish.

10 reasons why you should consider getting a personal trainer

1.    They have the power and knowledge in their arsenal to educate

One of the first and foremost reasons that might entice you into working with a personal trainer is that they have the understanding and skill set to be able to inform and educate you on various aspects of health, fitness, and exercise.

When it comes to being fit, having a proper and thorough understanding of what you need specifically for your body is important in order to empower you to reach your goals in due time.

A personal trainer will educate you on how nutrition plays a role in fitness, as well as what exercises target which muscles, the correct exercise techniques, and so much more.

Being able to rely on a professional rather than spending hours scrolling through misinformation on Google will result in detailed, educated, and most importantly, personalised advice that will give you results in the long term.

2.    They will help perfect your form

Having a professional trainer at your side demonstrating the correct posture and form makes a world of difference.

A personal trainer’s job is to ensure that their clients are performing their exercise routines in the proper and most effective and efficient way to maximise results.

Good form during exercise is absolutely essential – it helps to not only get results, but also in reducing the risk of injury. It’s common for people to get injured, sometimes even seriously, due to performing exercises incorrectly or having not received the proper training.

Injuries can have a long-term impact on your health and fitness. An injury can lead to you not only causing permanent damage, but also could put you off a particular exercise or sport.

It’s most beneficial to have someone trained in how to perform certain movements when it comes to fitness, in the interest of preventing injury and increasing the efficacy of the exercise.

Some individuals may only require minor tweaks on certain exercises, while others may need to learn the entire thing from scratch by learning the basics and developing the knowledge and self-awareness to perfect their form. Either way, your personal trainer will be able to identify your needs and lead you to real results.

3.    They can tend to your individual needs

Every individual has different needs. When we say needs, we don’t necessarily mean your fitness goals, rather we mean your ability to perform certain exercises and movements.

Most people’s abilities and requirements are quite different when it comes to fitness. For instance, you could be trying to bounce back after an injury or you may be conquering a long-time difficulty that impacts how you go about your workout.

More to the point, those who have had injuries that required surgery and are having trouble rebuilding muscle or improving mobility will need different exercise routines and long-term goals than an experienced athlete who is training for a grueling marathon. This is where a professional personal trainer can lend a helping hand and subsequently, make a huge difference in your life.

4.    They will help you set long-term realistic goals

It’s quite common to expect to achieve your fitness goals straight away when you start training, whether that’s weight loss, increased muscle mass, or greater strength overall. But the reality is that these things will actually take some time.

Improving your fitness can include altering your diet to eat the correct foods, mixing cardio and strength training to work the appropriate muscles, and setting a realistic timeframe in which you can achieve your goals.

If you aren’t being realistic about your long-term goals, you might find yourself feeling discouraged when you’re not seeing the progress you expect.

Having a personal trainer will not only help you set goals that are realistic, but they will also guide you into achieving them (providing you put in the effort needed, of course).  They will also help you understand what true progress looks like. You might expect to see a shrinking waistline, but all of your hard work might have improved your strength significantly. Sometimes, your achievements can go unnoticed when you’re so focused on a particular goal.

A PT will also help you keep you on track to hit the milestones you have set for yourself. They are there to help motivate you and make sure you want to keep going!

5.    They can also help you in your plans to get fit for a short-term goal

Besides assisting their clients in attaining realistic goals, personal training is also a useful aid in helping you achieve your short-term goals. This is particularly ideal for those who are training for a specific event or require a certain level of fitness before moving on to something bigger that they want to conquer.

Take this for instance: if you intend to be able to run a marathon in six months, hiring a trainer to put you on the right track might be just what you need. Six months is already a short time frame, but a PT can help you break down this goal into even smaller ones and help you find that path to help you achieve your goals.

6.    They will help you stay on the right track

Gone will be the days where you go to bed and say to yourself that you’ll wake up early and get a workout in before work, and then awaken, only to decide to sleep in for another hour instead of actually exercising. With the right personal trainer, you will be held accountable for keeping your newly found fitness routine.

A trainer may be the key to ensuring that you commit and stick religiously to the fitness goals that you’ve set. Think about it: if you’ve made an appointment to meet your trainer for a session, chances are you are more than likely to follow through than back out. And if you do try to back out, they are going to be there to tell you why you shouldn’t and motivate you to get your butt in the gym!

7.    They put your overall health and fitness first, including your mental health

It has been proven again and again that physical exercise can be beneficial for challenges with mental health such as depression and anxiety, and health professionals often suggest regular exercise as part of a management plan.

Many individuals deal with these challenges at various points in their lives and for some, having a routine and working towards things that they feel they have more control over (such as their fitness level) can become extremely beneficial for their mental health.

A personal trainer is well versed in the benefits of exercise and movement on not only your physical health but your mental health too. And their ability to keep you motivated and work with you even when you’re having a tough time can have a positive effect on your overall health. A personal trainer can also easily become an extra person that you can lean on during hard times.

8.    They will help you start and keep healthy habits

It can take time to form good habits and even more time to break bad ones. And let’s face it, trying to do it by yourself can be extremely difficult.

A PT will help you with this by giving you daily or weekly goals to help conquer those bad habits and form new ones that are more beneficial to your health and fitness. They won’t expect you to give up every bad habit and start a perfect routine right away, instead they will work with you to understand these bad habits that you may have and how best to overcome them.

Implementing such daily goals like a certain level of water consumption every day or going a week without consuming heavily processed foods are just a few ways that might get you out of your slump and into habits that will shape your life up for the better.

9.    They offer customised training plans

Naturally, there will be some workouts that you enjoy more than others – just because you are physically capable of running it doesn’t mean that you would always want to do it. You might instead enjoy rowing or cycling.

A personal trainer can work with you to create a specialised training program that suits your needs, is effective and that you might actually find enjoyable.

Additionally, there will always be some days when the last thing you want to feel like doing is a tough workout. In this regard, having a trainer means that they can tailor your exercises for that day to accommodate both your mood and the level of efficiency that you can achieve.

The reality is, the more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you are going to be able to do it.

But remember, there might be some exercises that you think you really don’t like doing, but with the right form and motivation, you might actually find that you love them – so make sure you stay open to trying different things.

10.   They can adjust to your schedule

If the only time you have available to workout is at a ridiculously early hour before work or on your lunch break or before dinner, then you’d be glad to know that a personal trainer is one of the most versatile professionals in terms of working hours.

They understand more than anyone that different people have different availability, so they can most certainly tailor appointment times that will best suit your schedule.

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