Working out at the gym can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-timer still trying to figure your way out around buff bodybuilders and scary-looking machines. You may also feel intimidated as you are surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

But as any journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, even the most complicated gym routines and fitness goals start small. And if you’re a gym newbie in the hunt for that small start, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Check out these FOUR easy but effective workout routines you can finish in a half hour.

If You’re Looking To Burn Fat..

There are many ways to lose that extra weight, so you may be wondering what is the simplest way to do it as a newbie in your chosen fitness club. Here are some useful advice for you:

Hit the treadmill. This is the easiest and most straightforward workout because 1) you certainly know how to walk and run and 2) this is great for whatever fitness goal or stage you’re on. First-timers can start a full-routine on a treadmill alone, with 10-minute sessions for 3 reps, gradually increasing the duration of each rep, the speed of the machine, and the angle of incline.

Important note: If you are not used to the treadmill, secure yourself with the emergency stop strapped to your shirt. This works well, as it senses if you’re losing balance, and immediately stops the treadmill. You can also use the handle bars until you get better footing, but remember to eventually let go to really get in your workout’s worth.

When you have more time in the future, you can try HIIT workouts that can help you burn fats effectively. 

If You Want To Muscle Up..

Lift weights. Warm-up first with dumbbells to get the circulation flowing. If you’re looking to muscle up on your abdominal area, hop on a spin cycle or stationary bike for half an hour, 10 minutes at 3 reps, or bust out your bicycle crunches on a yoga mat.

To tone up your quads and lower body area, work the leg press machine for 3 minutes at 2 sets of 12 reps, with about 10 seconds of rest in between. A lateral pulldown machine should workout your shoulders and upper body muscles well enough at the same interval. For a fuller workout, bust out a deadlift to simultaneously work several core muscle groups.

Here are some gym machines for muscle building the you can try out.

Important note: Get a professional to spot you the first times you perform this workout, to prevent injuries. Be mindful of the weights as well, and never attempt anything more than you can comfortably handle.

If You Want To Improve Your Stamina…

Climb stairs. Plenty of gyms now come with stair climbers, which specifically target your lower body muscles, and generally improves overall circulation. Step-up from the traditional treadmill workout with this exercise, adding an incline and step difference that significantly increases your workout. Start with shorter intervals than you would on a treadmill, such as 3 sets of five-minutes at 2 reps. Also be mindful of the pace you set to prevent any injuries.

If You Want To Build Strength…

Get a full workout. Combine your workouts to target the different areas of your body and aspects of your fitness. Warm-up for at least 5 minutes, whether on the treadmill, or with classic jumping jacks and jogs in place. Assign stations so your workout is neat and methodical, and meets your designated goals.

Burn off extra calories and improve your stamina simultaneously with a clip run on the treadmill or a good session on the stair-climber. Tone up your muscles with weightlifting whether through a deadlift or on machines like the lat pulldown or the leg press. Strengthen your core with a good ab workout, be it on an ab machine, a stationary bike, or even just on a yoga mat. On your first few sessions, you can limit your session to 30 minutes tops (excluding breaks between workouts), at around 10-minute per station, then slowly lengthen each rep until each station gets 30 minutes of work.


If You’re Looking For Solo Exercises

Women’s Health has compiled a list of beginner-friendly exercises you can put together in 30 minutes, guaranteed to give you an efficient, full-body workout. Start with 20 reps of a 5-second barbell hip bridge to target your glutes. Follow up on your abs with a deadbug, and vary the difficulty with dumbbells. Continue with the dumbbell workout with lunges to target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Move on to a renegade row, or a plank to primarily work out your abs, shoulders, and upper body. Following up with a Romanian deadlift should really tone your core and rework your hamstrings. A floor press lets you relax a little by lying on the floor as you workout your shoulders and triceps. Move back up with a goblet squat to change the focus of your workout to your lower body area. And finally, a floor dumbbell russian twist can cap off this routine by toning your abs and core again. Don’t forget to cool down after this intense workout.

The Keys To Success

The most important thing to remember with every workout is to pace yourself. Be mindful of your current fitness stage, and don’t force yourself too hard, too fast. Let yourself grow accustomed to the workout, and if you feel intimidated that other gym-goers are dishing out one 50 kg deadlift after the other, always remind yourself that you have different goals, and your main focus should always be you and your fitness journey.

As a beginner, the key to a successful gym time is knowing exactly what you came to do, whether it’s burning fat, muscling up, improving stamina, building strength, or working out your whole body. Above all, find a gym that would support you in your goals. At Rec Express, we offer an affordable membership plan, top-quality equipment designed for maximum efficiency and safety, and a wonderful staff that will be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

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