Choosing the Best Gym in Australia 7 Big Factors to Consider

With so many gyms and training facilities out there, how do you know which one is the best for you?

There are Many Types of Gym. Choose One.

Not all gyms were made equally, and understandably so. For example, some offer aerobic classes while others boast a sauna and a massage service. Getting to know what kind of gym you want to spend your money on is always a good way to start things off.

It pays to do a bit of research online before you pay the gym a visit. If weight training is important to you, or if a class is something you would want to invest in the future, many gyms offer preliminary information on their websites.

Know What You Want

Try to make a list of the things you expect from your gym experience. Is it a spacious studio, a weight training room, clean carpet, or maybe even lockers? Knowing what you want helps you make the right choice, instead of simply choosing one just for the sake of.

For example, try to consider these things:

  • Operational hours
  • Clean, sanitised bathroom
  • Gym machines you intend to use
  • Whether the gym has a studio for classes
  • What classes the gym offers (if any)
  • A water station to refill your water bottle with

We can list other things that you might find important, but the key is to decide for yourself whether these factors are enough to convince you to choose one gym over another.


Where your gym is located is probably one of the first things you thought about when you decided to enroll at a gym. Choosing a gym that is quite far from you (even with its amenities) might not be the best or practical choice.

How close or far you are from the gym matters a great deal, as it will determine how often you intend to exercise. It can be close to home, the office, or your kids’ school. Would you want to squeeze in a quick workout between meetings, after doing household chores, or when the kids have hit the sack?

A lot of gyms are open 24 hours, and many people choose to workout during odd hours for many reasons. You may want to do cardio at the crack of dawn instead of joining the lunch crowd. It is best to visit the gym when you’d most likely do your workout so you can thoroughly decide whether this is the place for you.

Gym Culture

Trying to find a gym’s target demographic should also be a consideration because you want to be a part of that.

Here’s why:

Working out can be an intensely personal experience and it would be difficult to share this with someone you’re not comfortable with. For example, you intend to go into beast-mode while lifting weights. It would have been quite silly to sign up at a gym where older people go to exercise.

Though the goal is fitness, being around the wrong (or right) kind of people can actually make a difference.

Choosing the Best Gym in Australia 7 Big Factors to Consider

Do an Equipment Check

When you visit a gym, check out the equipment they have. Are they new? Are they clean? Does the gym offer a variety of machines?

Gyms are known to be a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and molds. It’s no wonder: different people use those machines. Who knows if one of them has the flu or a skin infection?

Try to see how the gym handles their machines. A simple wipe down daily isn’t enough to kill germs. Ideally a team of professional cleaners should come in and sanitised the facility, or at least the employees should be doing so. If not, time to check out another facility or if you really want to go to this gym, bring your own kit of wipes and sanitiser.

Also do a quick scan of the machines they offer. Do they have a wide range of machines or do they use different brands? Looking into what brands they have at the gym is also something you should consider, since one might be known for their stationary bikes but not for their treadmills.

If a gym has their client’s best interest at heart (which is to become fit), then they’d be offering a variety of machines from different brands. Also ask one of the team members when the machines were purchased and when they’re up for an upgrade or replacement.

Get the Piggy Bank Out

Obviously one of the main factors for choosing the best gym for you is how much a membership fee is and what the details of the contract are.

Signing up at any facility is a huge decision as it will take a chunk out of your expenses. Because of this, you need to be decisive and willing to commit to not just showing up at the gym, but to getting fit and healthy in general.

Get the best value out of your money by listing down the things you want out of your gym experience. Sure, it may have a sauna, a massage parlor, maybe even a swimming pool and while these look and sound amazing, do you really intend to use these facilities? If the answer is no, then think again — you’ll be paying for it.

There are gyms that offer a trial period of two weeks before you commit to a full on membership. Give it a shot and see where it goes. Work out during times you usually would, and during odd hours. This will give you a sense of what the gym is really like. Pay special attention to small details too. Does the gym offer a water station? Is there shampoo and conditioner in the shower room? Are the lockers secured? Sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break a situation, or in this case, a decision.

Ready to Lock In?

Woah, not so fast there. It’s really an admirable decision, getting into fitness and aiming to be healthy. Your intentions are good, but don’t forget that things change.

Before signing that dotted line, ask whether the contract entails a lock in period. This means that you’re entitled to pay monthly dues whether you stopped going or not.

It is always best to go to a gym that doesn’t have a lock in period. You have the freedom and the choice to opt out when the need arises.

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