Fitness Trends for 2020

Is it really the end of another year? Is 2019 bidding us farewell?

It’s December and we all know what that means — aside, of course from holiday festivities — and that is the common practice of making the resolution to get healthier in the coming year as the clocks strike 12 on New Year’s Eve.

Wanting to get healthy is a noble act in itself, but how many of us actually follow through?

Did you know that most gyms see a rise of visitors in January, only to find the crowd thinning out come February? While it may seem comical, it isn’t; it is just a reflection of how serious and committed people are when it comes to taking care of themselves.

To get rid of that funk, here are some trends you can look forward to this 2020:

Wearable Tech

Gone are the days of having to check your phone for updates; mobile fitness have taken the backseat while fitness and activity trackers take front and centre.

If you don’t already own one, these handy devices give you a brief look into how your body is doing at the moment. It can track heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken so far, how long you’ve been on the couch, and how many calories you’ve consumed. Sounds pretty neat and hefty, given that this device is as small as a watch.

In terms of its accuracy, it is always best to assume that these modern watches are simply giving you estimates. It is worth looking into brands like Fitbit®, Samsung Gear Fit2®, Misfit®, Garmin®, and Apple® if you’re interested.

Group Classes

Working out with a group can be beneficial, as you all develop a sense of camaraderie. Group workouts have been around for some time but it is only in 2020 that we will see a surge in this trend. People seem to find it more fun when they workout with a core group, led by a fitness coach of course.

Group classes can encompass weight lifting, dancing, cycling.. Any exercise really, and it doesn’t seem to matter if all of you in the group have different fitness levels. What matters is that you are motivated to workout.

HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts are, well, a hit!

Our lifestyles are pretty much dictated by how busy we get and when we try to squeeze in a quick workout into our daily lives, HIIT workouts are our go-to routines.

HIIT exercises are short bursts of intense workouts, followed by rest periods. Ideally, a 20-minute HIIT workout done three times a week would be the best at maximising its results but come 2020 you might hear terms like “micro HIIT workout” – 1 to 3 minutes of HIIT workouts spaced out during the day. This is meant to conveniently fit into your schedule, regardless of what you are doing.

Despite many doctors’ warnings of the possible wear and tear of a HIIT workout, many gyms around the world are still offering HIIT workout sessions to its patrons. Another reason why HIIT is popular is how it affects your body on a cellular level. Autophagy, the process of your body producing stem cells and getting rid of cell wastes, is activated during a HIIT workout. Stem cells are crucial in the body’s regenerative process and the more HIIT you do, the more intense autophagy becomes.

In other words, a HIIT workout will increase the chances of your body to heal and restore itself, ultimately making you look more youthful and vibrant.

Free Weights

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls will be your best friends at the gym this coming year. More and more people are steering clear of gym machines, and heading straight to the free weights section. There are classes held at gyms that incorporate free weights into the routine, something that could be more up your alley if you’re not into solo workouts. If you’re new to weight lifting, learn more with this beginner’s guide

Fitness Coaches

Speaking of working out solo, more people will opt to hire a personal trainer this coming year, as proper form has been heavily pushed to prevent injury and to make the exercise effective.

Personal training doesn’t have to be one-on-one either; some trainers offer their expertise online, talking to a client via video call or private messages. This takes away the benefit having an actual person by your side though, but this seems to work for some people.

A fitness coach should be able to come up with a workout routine that is tailored to your fitness goals, fitness level, and any health condition (if any). A fitness coach may also the answer when you’re in a rut or burned out by your current workout.

Taking it Old School

Who here remembers P.E. classes? Apparently adults seem to be missing their childhood days so they’ve taken Phys. Ed. to a whole new level.

Playing at the monkey bars, climbing up trees, and running across the field seemed to be fun-filled activities from years gone by, but do it now and you’ll soon have a profound admiration for kids who just love to play all day at the playground.

Working out P.E. style uses your body weight and it’s a pretty strenuous activity having to lift 150 plus pounds off the ground for a go at the monkey bars. Imagine the sweat-inducing workout you’d have! Just don’t show the kids that they’re better at it than you, though.

Mind Exercises

It’s just as important to give your brain a workout and in 2020, saying “Mind over matter” will be your mantra. There seems to be a rise in importance to mental health, especially how motivation plays a huge role in enabling a person to perform consistently.

Another thing worth looking into is engaging in workout routines that push you out of your limits and comfort zone. The goal is to be mentally strong and resilient. Practicing mindfulness will also be a huge part of mental workouts. Being mindful helps release anxiety and reduces panic attacks, as you are forced to focus on the now instead of what’s to come.

Yoga will continue to be one of the best activities to be mindful, so you may want to check out a yoga class near you soon.

Hitting that Snooze Button

Yes, we mean sleep. How can sleep be a fitness trend? Apparently a whole lot.

Having better sleep quality affects the way you perform during the day. You’re more restful, ergo your work is more precise, your mood is positive, and your time at the gym doesn’t feel forced. Pushing yourself to do more within a 24-hour period won’t help you in the long run, so might as well hit the sack early and sleep.

Rec Xpress: 2020 and Beyond

Regardless of what fitness trend there will be in 2020 and the years to come, Rec Xpress is here to provide for you a safe and engaging environment where you can hit those fitness goals in no time. Enlist the help of one of our personal trainers to get into a workout routine that’s right for you. For just $11 a week, 2020 suddenly feels like it’s going to be your year.

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